Custom Furniture By amit Apel

Grand Canyon Jazz Table Malibu Table Egg Dining Set Deauville Stool Coco Chair Barrel Chair Puzzle Table

Barrel Chairs

Custom Dimensions: 34.5 inches x 32.5 inches x 36 inches

It’s been my life’s work to spend it in the dark to guard my wine from the unknown, allowing it to mature in safety to its full potential. Raising it to one day serve the people with its rich buttery sweetness, nurturing it by giving it the right amount of oxygen so it matures properly. After a great time spent with these batches of wine and letting them go into the world, trusting them with their treasures, it was time for me to say goodbye knowing I’ve done my part. I’m thrown into storage for rest, but amongst the shadows a shine of light flickered. My curiosity beckoned me to follow and as I got closer I hear, “You have done well with your task, but this is not the end. As you taught wine to share its richness I ask you to do the same. I now leave you in the houses of people where you’ll brighten their faces with your beauty and comfort them when they’ve had a long day. Give some reunited friends a conversation space over some coffee. Incline a bit to enjoy the adventures of a book. Be the chair that catches someone right before being told life changing news. Be the anchor of these moments and carry them with you for the rest of your new destiny.”

*All products are made to order. The products could take up to 12 weeks to produce based on volume of work.